Devine Experience, LLC, specializes in creating premium event experiences for Fortune 1000 firms.

Whether it’s a program that’s still just the glimmer of an idea or a long-running event, we can take it to the next level. Our team develops, organizes and runs corporate programs where exceptional client service and relationship development take precedence.

We are unlike most event planning firms—most notably in our training. Having worked in the management consulting industry, we view events and corporate programs as business solutions.

Anyone can plan a good party. But it takes know-how to plan a seamless experience where a client’s business needs—for sales and business development, for example—are met while the program participants still feel their comfort comes first.

We design environments where people feel relaxed, open, and willing to share their successes and failures with both our clients and each other; in other words, these environments allow the most pressing business concerns to come to the fore.

Devine Experience will create the optimal experience for the people who attend our events—whether they be clients, prospective clients, vendors, or employees. Each person will leave the programs we design with the lasting impression that the program was custom-tailored to his or her tastes.

We are a Chicago-based event planning and management firm but operate on a global basis. Call us today to learn more.

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